GHOSTWIENERBUSTERS Part 2 - How to Catch a Ghost Cat! ?
  • 15.07.2024
  • 1161

I can never thank you enough for bringing Cru into my life.. then expanding to Oakley and Daphne..keep posting these awesome videos. They really bring such great joy to others. ️️️ For what it's worth, I really enjoyed watching your new video. Ghostbusters has always held a special place for me. In 2018, my husband received a 1/24th scale Ecto1. Your videos always bring a smile. I enjoy your creativity and Daphne, you are quite the gymnast. Beautiful work on the cat tree. Crusoe, I'm glad to see you back on your feet. In 2014, I had back surgery as well. I'm very glad you have such wonderful parents. A good support system is the best. Oakley, I've always liked your style. When you guys entered the house, I had a funny feeling it was going to be you who got slimmed. Daphne is too lady like and Crusoe seems to be the leader in most of your videos. Thank you for being a good sport. I'm looking forward to more content. Take it easy and hope you have a wonderful Halloween.

Mini dachshund picks out his own toy!
  • 13.07.2024
  • 1364

I reckon Mac picked this for two reasons... yellow is his favourite colour (cheese) and it looks like a giant Cheerio!!!! Such a lucky boy, getting to go shopping at the toy store! Good choice, and what fun you're having chasing it around in the wonderful country grass!

Mini dachshund vs Piñata
  • 08.07.2024
  • 3477

"Hold still, you crazy beast!" Mac didn't quite know what to make of that, and you're right, he didn't care for the striking bit. Even when the treats spilled out of it, he was a little unsure, but he loved the treats.

Mini dachshund thinks everything is a toy
  • 14.06.2024
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Thank you so much for displaying Mac’s daily adventures. He looks so much like Fritz, who was loved for 14 years (almost the identical color and size— even many similar facial expressions). I have severe, long-standing depression, and words cannot express my true appreciation for your willingness to share Mac with everyone. Some days, the smile he brings me literally gets me out of bed. My deepest gratitude to you. I have 4 Miniature Dachshunds. Mommy, daddy and kept 2 sisters. Honestly if it wasn’t for my dogs I’d probably be dead. I don’t make many videos but I do take a lot of pictures of these wonderful little people. I’m 61. I served 30 years. I was messed up my last deployment. I have a shirt that reads “ in my darkest hour when I needed a hand…………I found a paw.” No truer words. Your dog is beautiful, smart and hilarious!! Thank you for sharing Isn't it ironic that cats, dogs and "KIDS" have more fun and antics with ordinary household items like a cereal box, pots and pans, Tupperware and paper sacks? Honestly, I enjoyed this video so much! The simplest things in life truly bring the most happiness. I really do think that Mac's face should be on the cereal box! God love you kiddos and all of us watching with you!!

We heard daddy’s car, he’s home, he’s home, he’s finally home
  • 12.06.2024
  • 1269

Love how the little brown one waited to be first, then ran away and immediately took over the bed. My dachshund does that when I take the garbage out. They are so loyal and devoted to their staff I like the fella with the inside out ear throughout (probably up from a nap on hearing the approach). He only sorts it out as the excitement finally makes him give his head a shake once dad is inside.

Family Diary- Mini Dachshund puppies outside for the first time.
  • 08.06.2024
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I have my hands full but what a wonderful time with the puppies. They are doing so well. Everything is going well with Loulou, Coco & Mimi. Mimi wasn't in the video much this time, but that doesn't mean she doesn't get any attention. We also spend a lot of time with her. Fred still has pain in his shoulder. It's inflammation. Very sad for him because he has started his own company, has a lot of work and can't do anything. I'm still coughing too, 5 weeks now I think. Maybe put my stubborn self aside and go to the doctor. There have also been people who came for the puppies. They cuddled with them. Wonderful families, we know the families. The puppies now eat 5 times a day, we want to wean Coco slowly so that she becomes a bit stronger. She is doing well but she is on the thin side and it is always difficult for Coco to gain weight (if only I had that problem now). xxx Eveline

Mini dachshund decides what we do for a day
  • 06.06.2024
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Using two dog bells, our miniature dachshund Mac got to decide what we did for a day! He seemed to particularly enjoy getting both treats after a nice walk to the park. (:

Mini dachshund's love language
  • 01.06.2024
  • 3072

Such a handsome little pup that enjoys his home and the attention he gets. Best to Mac for a long and happy life. A great start to the day seeing Mac who is so cute and adorable. Mac seems to understand well I've been through the love language course, and I think this video shows your love language to Mac. But this is perfectly understandable and acceptable as Mac is an adorable dog and deserves at least 108% of anyone's love and affection!!

Dog.Most Famous Dachshund Dog Video compilation Dachshund Around the World Miniature Weiner Deckel Dog.
  • 27.05.2024
  • 2863

beautiful doxies!!! Dachshunds the best breed for ever!!! ADRIANA, VELVET AND SASHA FROM ARGENTINA ?? ( VELVET and SASHA are my mini dachshunds) São tão lindos e fofos, dá vontade de ter uns três desses cachorrinhos.

Mini dachshund's love language
  • 25.05.2024
  • 4929

A great start to the day seeing Mac who is so cute and adorable. Mac seems to understand well Never seen a dachshund that could not absorb affection just like it was sunshine! And dachshund are the most advanced solar panels ever! I've been through the love language course, and I think this video shows your love language to Mac. But this is perfectly understandable and acceptable as Mac is an adorable dog and deserves at least 108% of anyone's love and affection!!

Mini dachshund goes to the vet
  • 18.05.2024
  • 3336

Our miniature dachshund Mac had his annual exam at our veterinary clinic this week. The vet said he looked great! The only thing he needs to do is lose a little weight. (: 1/2 lb more to love! Precious little Mac is so easygoing and well-behaved, no matter the circumstances. Good boy, eating your veggies!

Things longer than a mini dachshund
  • 17.05.2024
  • 1335

Things more handsome and adorable than Mac? There is nothing more handsome and adorable. That was a fun game for Mac, especially since he was rewarded with treats! He seemed to be quite intrigued by the rolled-up sleeping bag. The best place for Mac that's too long is Mama's lap

Dachshund puppies 12 days old.
  • 12.05.2024
  • 2952

When they're all lying in the sun, their coats are so shiny. I notice that Coco is slowly letting LouLou get just a little bit closer to the puppies every day Coco is a wonderful loving mom who take good care of her babbies God's creations.Those eyes should be opening any day now. Such adorable little squeaky noises they make. Wow the sounds got even cuter?? Hopefully soon Loulou will get the green light to sniff and communicate with the little ones. It's really amazing how genetic code tells Coco to defend them even against friendly dogs yet Humans she knows are safe. Nature is amazing!!! With all these wonderful lifeforms on Earth going into space seems pointless I love it when Fred, gets to hold one of the puppies! It is so tender. Like he was holding his own girls when they were wee little babies!

Why mini dachshunds make the best friends?
  • 09.05.2024
  • 3790

Mac, you are the proof in the pudding️ Dachshund's are snugglers, helpers, love bugs and love anyone they meet️ Happy Sunday to Mac and family I hope your Sunday is That's the wonderful thing about our pets...whether they're big or small, old or young, beautiful or not so beautiful, they never judge , they just love us unconditionally.