Mini dachshund picks his favorite ball
  • 15.04.2024
  • 1134

Mac deserves to pick and choose his favourite ball. Always fun to see Mac having fun Mac is so happy playing with all the balls I dont think he has a favourite but most of all he is having fun with mum enjoy the rest of your day This is a very serious project for Mac️ If it rolls, he's all about it!! Peanut butter loved her tennis balls BTW, I'm home from the hospital and resting. Thank you for caring.

35 Best Funny Rabbits Videos Instagram | Try Not To Laugh Cute Rabbit Videos Compilation
  • 14.04.2024
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35 Best Funny Rabbits Videos Instagram | Try Not To Laugh Cute Rabbit Videos Compilation

Mini Dachshund Coco.
  • 14.04.2024
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Coco turns 4 years old tomorrow, hence this compilation of her. Coco is Loulou's daughter. As a puppy she was a bit shy, calm, gentle and playful. That's why we thought she was (and still is) the best match with Loulou. Coco is our little teddy bear, she loves to cuddle. When I put my socks on she is excited because then she knows that she can come with me for a walk and that is what she prefers. Running outside. We are waiting for her heat (this would be December) and then we hope that we will be able to have a litter of puppies with her. Of which we want to keep 1 puppy if it is a good match. xxx Eveline

Mini dachshund helps make the bed
  • 13.04.2024
  • 1212

A sunny spot on a freshly made bed! Ah, the life. Mac is such a great help around your home. The next time you tidy up the bed, Mac is going to say to you, "Papa," don't forget to leave a tunnel through the length of the bed so that I can snuggle between you and "Momsa" at night. I am laughing while I visualize Mac wearing an apron and dusting the furniture. Mac, you've won my heart! Love you, cherubs! Mac you were playing more than helping but don't think anyone cares as long as you are happy You looked so contented at the end lying soaking up the sunshine streaming through the windows Hugs to you sun lover Mac

Bengal Cat seeks attention from Mini Dachshunds.
  • 09.04.2024
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Mimi loves the game catch me. This is actually a few minutes a day and the rest of the day they are all very calm. She usually does this with Coco, but Coco is in heat and Mimi notices this, she leaves her alone more often. xxx Eveline God I love your doggers! I lost my 15 1/2 year old long haired beauty a few months ago and life will never be the same. Your dogs help me with my pain..thank you for your channel.I like how Mimi takes a moment from her chop busting to give some face affection.

Getting ready with a mini dachshund!
  • 06.04.2024
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What a sweet baby you are Mac! You love helping mommy dog get ready! Thanks for sharing and putting a bright smile on everyone’s face! Mac is the most complete individual I have ever seen. His parents have taught him well. Great job Mom and Dad!

Mini dachshund wants to play!
  • 04.04.2024
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?????Mac is so sweet demanding for attention with his nice head tilts. So well behaved playing with his blue ball. Finally a reparando nap...Sweet Dreams, sweet Mac. ❤ADRIANA AND VELVET FROM ARGENTINA ?? ❤. Just shows how well Mac has been trained it's not all dogs who like to give up the ball it can be quite hard to train them to do that we had a border Collie mix very intelligent dogs and it took ages for him to learn to surrender his ball miss Toby to this day like Mac a dog in a million hugs to adorable Mac ? He is beautiful! I have adopted a small long haired smart loving little boy,born without eyes 10yrs old,he is wonderful too! ??XXX lots of fun ,give him a hug from us please X❤️

Puppy food enrichment exercise
  • 03.04.2024
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Puppy food enrichment exercise So cute, so tiny.

  • 01.04.2024
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Hi Theo you look so adorably exquisite in your new coat of pretty color's.Hi to Theo's Pack of Pretty Pooche's.Love you .❤?‍??‍??‍??‍?⭐?? Theo is so beautiful and photogenic! I love seeing him in his new outfit and taking in all the sites. I love him! ?

Mini dachshund tries a dog-friendly shamrock shake☘️
  • 29.03.2024
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Dressed perfectly for the occasion in his gorgeous green jumper He enjoyed his shamrock shake Happy St Patrick's Day to gorgeous Mac and his lovely Mum and Dad ??Happy St. Patrick's Day to you and your Mom and Dad, Mac! You look mighty handsome in that beautiful sweater that I know your Mom made for you. I hope you all have a wonderful day! ?❤? ??

Mini dachshund tries to find his bone!
  • 28.03.2024
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Our miniature dachshund Mac loves hide and seek, so we thought we'd play the dog version of the game, using his bone! He seemed to enjoy sniffing it out almost as much as chewing it afterward (: How can a dog such as Mac at such a young age be so intelligent, ultra sweet and comical and all wrapped up in one package? I never know what to expect?! A video from Mac is always a good way to start the day. Your nose will always find your bone. Love ❤️ you .

20 Minutes of Adorable Puppies ?
  • 26.03.2024
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For the spoiling, nurturing and whole-heartedly pet-obsessed, The Pet Collective is a playground that cultivates community, promotes joyful moments, and fuels your pet lifestyle. From entertainment, to pet-ucation, to the newest trends and products, and everything in between - TPC is the catnip for the modern Aren't dogs just the most wonderful, funny, loving beings? What a gift they are❤ pet parent. Join in on the frenzy. A pile of puppies are a great stress reliever

Try Not laugh Dachshund dogs instagram funny videos compilation 2020
  • 24.03.2024
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I want to buy a male and his age is 45 days. I am from Egypt and there is no such type in Egypt So Cute dachshund?

Naughty Sausage Dog Video IG Compilation , Weiner Perros salchicha Takca Teckel Bassotto Dachshund
  • 23.03.2024
  • 2036

As adorable they are so cute thank you for sharing this video Brilliant video, as always ❤ They are so cute, playful and fun ❤ I adore them ❤??? I just love them, I have 3 myself,hopefully one of them are gonna have babies, fingers ⚔️. Thanks for sharing.