Mini dachshund goes to the vet
  • 18.05.2024
  • 58

Our miniature dachshund Mac had his annual exam at our veterinary clinic this week. The vet said he looked great! The only thing he needs to do is lose a little weight. (: 1/2 lb more to love! Precious little Mac is so easygoing and well-behaved, no matter the circumstances. Good boy, eating your veggies!

Things longer than a mini dachshund
  • 17.05.2024
  • 744

Things more handsome and adorable than Mac? There is nothing more handsome and adorable. That was a fun game for Mac, especially since he was rewarded with treats! He seemed to be quite intrigued by the rolled-up sleeping bag. The best place for Mac that's too long is Mama's lap

Dachshund puppies 12 days old.
  • 12.05.2024
  • 1694

When they're all lying in the sun, their coats are so shiny. I notice that Coco is slowly letting LouLou get just a little bit closer to the puppies every day Coco is a wonderful loving mom who take good care of her babbies God's creations.Those eyes should be opening any day now. Such adorable little squeaky noises they make. Wow the sounds got even cuter?? Hopefully soon Loulou will get the green light to sniff and communicate with the little ones. It's really amazing how genetic code tells Coco to defend them even against friendly dogs yet Humans she knows are safe. Nature is amazing!!! With all these wonderful lifeforms on Earth going into space seems pointless I love it when Fred, gets to hold one of the puppies! It is so tender. Like he was holding his own girls when they were wee little babies!

Why mini dachshunds make the best friends?
  • 09.05.2024
  • 2634

Mac, you are the proof in the pudding️ Dachshund's are snugglers, helpers, love bugs and love anyone they meet️ Happy Sunday to Mac and family I hope your Sunday is That's the wonderful thing about our pets...whether they're big or small, old or young, beautiful or not so beautiful, they never judge , they just love us unconditionally.

Mini Dachshund puppy compilation. Coco 1 year old.
  • 06.05.2024
  • 1519

Coco's birthday is tomorrow on Saturday January 9th. Then I post her birthday video ( We have presents for her but also for the other puppies) hence today this compilation. How fast the year had gone. 2020 was a wonderful year for us, but of course also mixed feelings with what is happening in the world. We are so happy and proud of Loulou & Coco. Birth, mother daughter bond and now many adventures together as buddies. (There is also a playlist: Loulou's puppies where all puppy videos can be seen) xxx Eveline Coco is a total charmer! She has fit so seamlessly into your lovely family. Precious.

Mini dachshund on a new adventure!✈️
  • 06.05.2024
  • 1515

This week, we are going on a spring adventure with our miniature dachshund Mac. He really enjoyed running around the mountain trails and playing with his new little dog frisbee. (; Good morning, traveling Mac! Off on a new adventure, you lucky boy. Looks like the weather's perfect and you have a favorite toy to get some play time in as well as some great exploring. Happy trails and safe travels, little one

Mini dachshund play with rescued tiny kitten
  • 04.05.2024
  • 1764

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Mini dachshund and duck become best friends
  • 04.05.2024
  • 1590

How precious she is! Do you see how big the dogs eyes got? I don’t know how he feels about the duck.

Mini Dachshund gives birth to 3 puppies. There is 1 chocolate puppy.
  • 02.05.2024
  • 4197

Yesterday Coco gave birth to 3 beautiful healthy puppies. •male black & tan •female choco & tan •female black & tan Loulou & Coco were sleeping together in the whelping box and out of nowhere Loulou jumped and ran to her crate. Then we saw that it had started at 7:18 PM. 7:55 PM first puppy 186 grams. 8:22 PM 2nd puppy 141 grams. 9:10 PM 3rd puppy 181 grams. The 3rd puppy got stuck and I had to help Coco. Everything went well. Coco is a caring, sweet but protective mother. Loulou and Mimi are not allowed to come close and that is absolutely fine. Maybe later. xxx Eveline

Mini dachshund eat Ice cream in hot day☀️?
  • 01.05.2024
  • 1663

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Mini dachshund tries tape wall challenge!
  • 30.04.2024
  • 1669

Since our miniature dachshund Mac has shorter legs, we decided to use a thinner tape to try the painter's tape challenge. Mac did surprisingly well and even used his ramp to gain a little extra momentum!

Mini dachshund puppy's morning routine
  • 26.04.2024
  • 2042

The morning routine of our miniature dachshund puppy Mac. Mornings with a puppy mean extra snuggles and early morning walks around the neighborhood. Waking up to a puppy is the best! He is the cutest little guy! The big yawn, the hot laps and nuzzling in that fluffy bed. Priceless!! I've had two mini dachshunds since they were both 3 months old, they're 17 now. They've been the best dogs their entire lives. Cherish every second! My boy passed on almost two years ago at the the wonderful age of 20. My life changed forever the day I first held him and it changed the day I had to say goodbye. Doxies are precious.

Mini dachshund reacts to a harmonica
  • 26.04.2024
  • 1480

A good way to get Macs attention with the harmonica. Mac is certainly enjoying it which is nice to see. I enjoy your videos of cutie Mac, please keep them coming Mac's adorable head tilts says he likes the music! His happy tail is wagging at record speed which shows he likes the harmonica Little Mac wants to play it! I am surprised he didn't start singing. I used to sing I Love New York to my little wiener dog and he would start singing. One day I had the stereo on and was puttering around the house, I heard him singing , he was standing in front of the stereo. These little wiiener dogs are so amazing. They are so unique! Your videos are really nice. Have A Great Day! Canada

Snuggling dachshund puppies.
  • 24.04.2024
  • 1561

A dose of Loulou and her pups' cuteness is all I need before going to sleep. The only thing in this world I really would like to do is to burry my face in that pile of little, warm and beautiful puppies!!!!! I hope all the pups have an amazing happy and healthy life just like LouLou Puppies looking more and more like doxies... elongated snouts, floppy ears. Wonderful to see!